Here is a summary of our main policies. A full list of our policies is available via the links below or a hard copy is available at pre-school upon request.

Health and Safety

We are fully insured. Our rooms, toys and equipment are regularly checked for safety. We practise a fire drill every half term and fire extinguishers are maintained annually.


There is always a member with first aid training on duty. If a child has an accident during the pre-school session, the details will be entered into our accident record book and the parent/carer will be asked to read and sign the entry at the end of the session. This ensures that parents are kept informed of any injury, however minor, to their child.


If your child has been sick in the night or has diarrhoea, please keep him/her at home. They should not return to the pre-school until a full 24 hours has passed with no symptoms of their illness. If your child becomes ill during the session, we will immediately contact you on the number(s) provided on the registration form.


We need written permission and details of dosage if we are required to administer medicine/inhalers to your child. 


Equal Opportunities

A copy of our policy is displayed on the noticeboard, which parents are welcome to read. We value all children as individuals and respect different religions, cultures, languages and racial origins. Staff will encourage both boys and girls to try out all the play equipment provided and offer help and guidance when needed. Our curriculum is designed to be suitable for all ability levels, to give children a balanced view of the world about them, value difference and develop respect for one another. If your child has a special need or disability, the pre-schoool leader will be happy to discuss the sort of provision we can offer. 


Special Educational Needs

We wish to provide inclusive experiences for all children. If children's skill appears to be out of line with their age, or their behaviour is very different from other children, then it could be that they are mildly delayed in their development and need careful planning, teaching and support to learn the next steps.


When concerns arise, the child's keyperson will talk closely with the child's parents to gather information, making notes of the conversations if necessary, talk to the pre-school leader and observe the child, keeping written records in all areas of learning and development. 



We will do all we can to resolve complaints and respond positively to your comments. If you wish to clarify specific information or make a complaint, please contact your child's keyperson in the first instance, followed by the pre-school leader and finally the committee chairperson. If you wish to complain to OFSTED, the address is: OFSTED Early Years, Store Street, Piccadilly Gate, Manchester, M1 2WD.


Full list of Policies

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