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Settling in
Children learn best when feeling happy and secure and so we aim to make their first steps into education an enjoyable experience.


Please visit us with your child, at least once, before joining the group. It may take several sessions before your child is happy to be separated from you. We as a team will work with you and your child  to support you both as they transition into Preschool. Full details of our settling in procedure will be discussed with you when you visit.





We operate a keyperson system. Each member of staff is especially responsible for and close to a small number of children. Each child is monitored and assessed, and their learning scaffolded by a member of the team who is then responsible for updating your child’s progress via their online learning journal.



Please ensure that children come dressed for play. We do provide aprons for water, cooking and artwork but accidents do happen and we would not like to be held responsible for spoiling their best clothes. Please provide a named coat or warm clothing and wellingtons for outdoor play and pumps for indoor play.


PLEASE dress your child in clothes which they find easy and quick to undo when needing the toilet. When your child starts Pre-school, they will receive a Belton Pre-school bag for you to fill with spare clothes and any additional accessories they may need for the session e.g. gloves & scarves in winter or sunhats and suncream in the summer, please make sure all your children’s items are labelled. If your child is still in nappies they will need enough nappies and wipes for the session they are attending, plus a few spares.


We do have spare clothes for any accidents if necessary and we would ask that you wash and return them at your convenience. Thank you.

Arrival and Collection

We are not insured to accept responsibility for children who arrive before 8.00am or who remain after session. Please inform a member of staff if anyone other than yourself is collecting your child or you are running late to collect your child. As part of our safeguarding procedures, we also operate a password system which is set up on your child's registration form.

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